Our history

Founded in 2022, PêcheXperts was born from the efforts of true enthusiasts who joined forces to set up an online store specializing in bass fishing. Why bass? Simply because it is the fish that we take the most pleasure in catching! Our online store is the first in Quebec to offer you an inventory of specialized products for bass and this is only the beginning. Our objective? Increase your knowledge by making you discover new products and new techniques to try. Whether using a video clip on our Youtube channel, an article on our social networks or a new specialized product, PêcheXperts will meet your needs, whether you are an occasional fisherman or a real enthusiast. ! Created by and for enthusiasts, PêcheXperts has its customers at heart. We are always listening, and we encourage you to send us your ideas and suggestions. On behalf of the whole team, we wish you happy shopping and an excellent season!