Fishing for bass with a frog lure

Pêcher l'achigan à la grenouille

Fishing with a frog lure for bass can be an exciting and effective technique. Here are the basic steps on how to fish a frog lure for bass:

  1. Choose the Right Equipment:

    • Use a medium to heavy action rod, around 6'6" to 7'6" in length.
    • Match the rod with a high-capacity baitcasting reel.
    • Use heavy braided fishing line (around 50-65 lb test) to prevent the bass from getting tangled in weeds.
  2. Select the Right Frog Lure:

    • There are various frog lures available, some floating and others sinking. Choose the one that suits your fishing conditions.
    • Frog lures come in different colors, but natural or dark colors work well in most situations.
  3. Cast Near Cover:

    • Bass often hide in or near vegetation, lily pads, reeds, and other cover. Cast your frog lure near these areas.
  4. Retrieve the Lure:

    • Cast the frog lure into the cover and let it sit for a moment.
    • Start a steady retrieve, making the frog lure walk side to side by gently twitching your rod tip as you reel.
    • Keep a moderate retrieve speed to create a realistic frog-like movement.
    • Continue to work the frog lure across the surface as it moves over the cover.
  5. Wait for Strikes:

    • Be ready for aggressive topwater strikes. When a bass attacks your frog lure, it might make a big splash.
    • When you feel a strike, wait for a second before setting the hook to ensure the bass has the lure properly in its mouth.
  6. Set the Hook:

    • Give a firm hookset by snapping your rod tip upward to drive the hook into the bass's mouth.
  7. Play and Land the Fish:

    • After setting the hook, play the fish to the boat or shore, keeping steady pressure on the line.
  8. Release or Keep the Fish:

    • If you're practicing catch-and-release, handle the bass with wet hands and release it gently.
    • If you plan to keep the fish, handle it carefully and store it properly.

Remember, frog fishing can be challenging, but it's thrilling when you get it right. Experiment with different frog lures, retrieve techniques, and locations to find what works best for the bass in your area.